41405 Andrea's Shopping Play Cube


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  • Inspire exciting LEGO Friends adventures on the move with this portable animal toy set; this compact LEGO animal playset allows kids to play with the mini-doll and pet shop wherever they go on their travels
  • Cubes pack big fun into a little space; includes a mini-doll, mini animal and a toy aquarium; the mini-doll accessories bring the role play alive and there's a sticker sheet for customizing fun
  • Kids can play with the animal toys outside the cube, or pack them up for fun on the go; Each cube stacks and connects with all LEGO Friends Play Cubes to form fun displays, or kids can split them to share with a friend
  • The easy builds in play cubes are a great way to introduce kids to the LEGO universe; This pet shop toy makes the perfect impulse reward, birthday gift or holiday gift for kids aged 6+
  • Each cube measures just over 3” (8cm) wide and 2” (6cm) high making it an ideal, compact, fun toy to take on a playdate; The colorful, portable toys are also great for brightening up long journeys