3D Puzzle - Burger

$ 14.99 USD


• They're interlocking 3D Puzzles!
• Gives your brain a workout
• Irresistible and hilariously addicting
• Fun for all ages—who can solve it first?
• A must for any game collection


Every Good Banana 3D Puzzle is precision cut into mind-boggling shapes that turn, curve, and loop in unexpected ways. They're a great mental workout, encouraging spatial thinking beyond the horizontal and vertical puzzles you're used to.

Stackable Snacks

There are many ways to play, too—set a timer and see who can solve them best, or use a stopwatch to see who can assemble them the fastest. They're great road-trip companions and coffee table toys as well, with a perfectly handheld size with a mysterious aura that begs to be picked up. Each comes pre-assembled, giving challengers a good look at the completed figure before attempting reassembly.